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Upholstery Cleaning in Punta Gorda, FL


The first question people often ask us when calling our office for the first time is, “how much do you charge to clean a sofa (chair, loveseat, recliner etc)?” I will tell you what I tell them….I have no idea. Let me explain. When dealing with upholstery, characteristics of the fabric such as fiber content, style, construction etc. all dictate how the upholstered piece needs to be properly and safely cleaned.

For example, a sofa that is constructed using cotton fabric that has three seats with attached cushions and backs is going to be cleaned very differently than a three seat sofa, with removable cushions and backs that is constructed out of nylon for example. Therefore, the price is going to be different as well. Perhaps you have an upholstered piece that requires dry cleaning as compared to wet cleaning. This too, will require very different pricing and procedures.

So, getting back to “how much to clean my sofa”… It depends on an abundance of factors. Many times over the phone, after asking the right questions, I can give you an approximate range of what the cost might be, but only after I inspect the piece in person, can I give you an exact cost to clean the piece. Don’t be misled by advertising in ads that want you to think that cleaning any sofa, chair, etc. will cost “X” number of dollars. And if the company does in fact have a “one size, fits all” pricing policy, ask yourself where are they skimping or cutting corners to make up for the differences to clean the piece SAFELY and PROPERLY, without causing damage to it?

We have cleaned everything from a small chair for $15.00 all the way to a custom sectional sofa with 24k gold leafing valued at $38,400. Each and every piece that we clean gets treated with the same care and expertise, to ensure the safest, most thorough cleaning possible, no matter what the value of the piece.