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Mattress Cleaning/Sanitizing in Punta Gorda, FL

It seems each year that we clean more and more mattresses. Years ago, the only time we got called to clean a mattress was if someone had an accident on it. That is quickly changing, however. Today people are learning and understanding the importance of maintaining a clean, SANITARY mattress. Did you know that you are not sleeping alone in bed? Studies have proven that mattresses contain millions of dust mites that feed on your dead skin cells that naturally shed themselves from your body. Oddly enough however, this is not what people are usually allergic to. Rather, most people who suffer from itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing etc. when they wake up in the morning are actually allergic to DUST MITE FEECES! Yes, don’t shoot the messenger, but I don’t care how clean you think you or your home is, you too, are sleeping in DUST MITE POOP! Utilizing cleaning technology and newer, all natural products, we can rid your mattress of all these critters, not to mention the perspiration residue, body oils etc. Then after your mattress is clean and “critter free” again, we can apply products that alter the dust mites (and their feces) so that your body doesn’t see them as a threat any longer. Once this occurs, your itchy eyes, runny nose etc. will become a thing of the past. You see, the truth of the matter is dust mites are here to stay. They are one of nature’s ways of helping to clean up. Since we cannot practically prevent them, we do the next best thing and that is coexist with them.