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Leather Cleaning/Conditioning in Punta Gorda, FL

A common occurrence with leather upholstery is the accumulation of body oils on the piece’s arms, head & foot rests. Allowing these oils to remain on the leather will ensure discoloration, to the point that cleaning will not correct the problem. Also, have you noticed how brittle and dry your once soft, subtle, leather feels lately?




The number one reason leather upholstery fails is due to improper cleaning and replenishing of its natural oils. How many times have you used soap and water or regular household cleaning agents to “spot-clean” your leather sofa or chair? Although using these products may briefly enhance the look of the leather, they are not thoroughly removing accumulated pet & body oils, dirt, newspaper ink, etc. WORSE YET, these same products are doing a superb job of stripping natural oils from the hide, which results in drying and cracking on, or near the surface of the leather.


All leather that we clean gets done so by hand, not machines. This is important to know because mechanical buffering machines that are often used to clean leather cause friction that generates heat. The heat that is generated actually breaks down the finish that is found on most of today’s leather products.   Our unique, dual process cleaning method removes tough dirt & grime while replenishing natural oils that have been lost over time.  If you leather furniture is more than three years old and has never been properly cleaned and conditioned, DO NOT DELAY. It is OVERDUE!!