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Get our consumers guide to carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, today’s consumer has TONS of potential choices. After more than twenty three years in business, day in and day out we are asked the same questions about carpet cleaning from people just like you. What’s the difference between carpet cleaning methods? How do I choose a reputable carpet cleaner? Why do some carpet cleaning methods cost so much less than others? Are the companies that bombard me with coupons in the mail for really cheap carpet cleaning any good? And many, many more…. It would be impossible to answer these and many more questions in the allotted space. Today, more than ever, information is getting easier and easier to obtain. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can research goods and services BEFORE you buy them. As a free service to prospective clients, many years ago we began providing a “Consumer’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning.” This information packed guide arms you with everything that you MUST know, BEFORE HIRING a carpet cleaner. Please take a moment and click on the link that says Download Here and read this valuable FREE information. After reading this FREE, valuable information, you will be armed with the necessary knowledge to make an informed, intelligent decision about who you want to clean your home or office carpets. This Guide was put together objectively and unbiased, meaning you are not going to read a bunch of useless cheerleading about Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Rather, we put this Guide together in such a manner that it will quickly and easily address the most commonly asked questions and misconceptions about carpet cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

The first question people often ask us when calling our office for the first time is, “how much do you charge to clean a sofa (chair, loveseat, recliner etc)?” I will tell you what I tell them….I have no idea. Let me explain. When dealing with upholstery, characteristics of the fabric such as fiber content, style, construction etc. all dictate how the upholstered piece needs to be properly and safely cleaned.  For example, a sofa that is constructed using cotton fabric that has three seats with attached cushions and backs is going to be cleaned very differently than a three seat sofa, with removable cushions and backs that is constructed out of nylon for example. Therefore, the price is going to be different as well.  Perhaps you have an upholstered piece that requires dry cleaning as compared to wet cleaning. This too, will require very different pricing and procedures. So, getting back to “how much to clean my sofa”… It depends on an abundance of factors. Many times over the phone, after asking the right questions, I can give you an approximate range of what the cost might be, but only after I inspect the piece in person, can I give you an exact cost to clean the piece. Don’t be misled by advertising in ads that want you to think that cleaning any sofa, chair, etc. will cost “X” number of dollars. And if the company does in fact have a “one size, fits all” pricing policy, ask yourself where are they skimping or cutting corners to make up for the differences to clean the piece SAFELY and PROPERLY, without causing damage to it? We have cleaned everything from a small chair for $15.00 all the way to a custom sectional sofa with 24k gold leafing valued at $38,400. Each and every piece that we clean gets treated with the same care and expertise, to ensure the safest, most thorough cleaning possible, no matter what the value of the piece.

Area Rug Cleaning

Whether you have Oriental, Turkish, Persian…hand knotted, machine made, we can clean it. Whether your rug is $200 or $40,000, each rug is treated and cleaned with the same care and consideration. Area rugs are often works of art that require careful and delicate cleaning. For this reason, the large majority of the area rugs that we clean are cleaned not in your home, but rather at our cleaning facility. You are welcome to bring your smaller rugs by, or we will be happy to pick up and deliver larger sized rugs for your convenience. Our multi step rug cleaning process begins with a careful evaluation of each individual rug. Characteristics such as rug construction, fiber content, dye make up etc. all help dictate how the rug will be cleaned. Once evaluated, dyes are tested for color fastness. Only then will we proceed with the cleaning process. Prior to any heavy duty cleaning, all rugs are dusted. This is a process that “beats” and vibrates out all of the dry dust, soil, pollen, grit etc. from the rug prior to introducing any type of cleaning solutions. Wool rugs, especially, do to their thick pile and scale like follicles, can trap and hold an enormous amount of dry soil, even with regular, thorough vacuuming. It is critical that this all be removed from the rug not only for proper cleaning, but to greatly extend the life of the costly rug. Left in the rug all those tiny particles act like thousands of tiny razor blades that cut the base of the fibers.  As the rug fibers are cut, they tend to either fall over causing the rug to appear matted, or worse yet, they fall out of the rug completely. Once all of the dry matter is removed from the rug, only then is it washed. Again, each rug may get washed or cleaned completely differently, depending on fibers, dyes, construction etc. Once the rug is completely and thoroughly cleaned, the final process involves proper grooming and drying of the rug. After a final inspection of the rug, it is rolled up and prepared to be delivered back to your home. BEWARE there are many that would like you to believe your valuable rugs are safe with them. The truth is there are very few professionals who have the necessary training, experience and equipment to clean these handmade works of art. And more importantly, return them to you without shrinkage, color bleeding or browning. If you have someone “cleaning” your rugs AT YOUR HOME OR OFFICE, I personally guarantee you that your rugs are not getting as clean as they could be! You may be thinking “But my rugs don’t look dirty!”. . . Don’t be so sure. Wool, cotton & silk, partly because they are natural fibers, actually have tiny scales on them that trap dirt & grime. But, because these same fibers are opaque, they do an excellent job of concealing dirt, thus most people put off cleaning the rug. By not removing this foreign matter from your valuable rugs in a timely manner, you are dramatically shortening your rug’s life and value.

Tile & Grout Cleaning/Sealing

ARE YOU READY TO JACK HAMMER YOUR OLD, DIRTY GROUT?? WARNING: Not All Tile & Grout Cleaning Is The Same!! Your tile floors are a big investment. Don’t make the costly mistake of hiring just anyone to clean them. Incorrect cleaning methods and detergents can permanently damage the surface of your floor. In order to get the MOST THOROUGH & SAFEST cleaning possible, it is critical that a trained & certified cleaning professional inspect your floors in order to determine the most suitable form of cleaning that is required, for your specific floor. We will come to your home or office for FREE, carefully explain how your particular floor should be cleaned, answer all your questions and only then, give you an exact written price for cleaning. Our exclusive 4 step process uses NEW technology that FINALLY provides a safe way to thoroughly clean your ceramic and porcelain tile, while making your dark, grungy looking grout bright and colorful, like when it was new! The best part is, after you’re blown away at how clean your “new” floor looks, we apply a deep penetrating grout sealer to help keep your floors looking spectacular! If your tile floor is over 3 years old, you owe it to yourself to have us offer you a FREE in home inspection and price quote. You won’t regret it! You have my word on it.

Drapery Cleaning

STOP!!! Don’t go through the hassle of taking down your curtains, valances, or silhouette window coverings. We can clean ANY type of fabric window treatment IN PLACE. Utilizing our specialized equipment, we can safely and thoroughly clean sheers, curtains, silhouettes, vertical blinds, valances, just to name few. You may be thinking “but my curtains are clean, after all they have been hanging here for ten years and no one has ever touched them…” True, you don’t really handle curtains or other window treatments in general very often. HOWEVER, think of your window coverings as giant filters that clean the air in your home. All day long air passes over and through these fabrics. As it does so, the fabric traps smaller dust and pollen particles, oils that are in the air from cooking and/or smoking, etc. So yes, your window coverings may not look as visibly dirty as your carpet or furniture does, but rest assured, they are. With the overwhelming cost of new window coverings, it only makes sense to periodically freshen up your existing ones. Clean out that “filter.” Your window covering will look brighter, the color bolder and most importantly, they will be CLEAN from a sanitary point of view. In other words, clean window coverings means cleaner indoor air quality. Attention allergy sufferers!!! You, especially need to get you window treatments cleaned periodically. Think about the dust that would accumulate on your glass or wood top tables if you did not dust them in 3, 4, 5, 10 years. That same dust accumulates in and on you fabric window treatments.

Leather Cleaning/Conditioning

A common occurrence with leather upholstery is the accumulation of body oils on the piece’s arms, head & foot rests. Allowing these oils to remain on the leather will ensure discoloration, to the point that cleaning will not correct the problem. Also, have you noticed how brittle and dry your once soft, subtle, leather feels lately?   LEATHER DEMANDS PROPER MAINTENANCE!   The number one reason leather upholstery fails is due to improper cleaning and replenishing of its natural oils. How many times have you used soap and water or regular household cleaning agents to “spot-clean” your leather sofa or chair? Although using these products may briefly enhance the look of the leather, they are not thoroughly removing accumulated pet & body oils, dirt, newspaper ink, etc. WORSE YET, these same products are doing a superb job of stripping natural oils from the hide, which results in drying and cracking on, or near the surface of the leather.   All leather that we clean gets done so by hand, not machines. This is important to know because mechanical buffering machines that are often used to clean leather cause friction that generates heat. The heat that is generated actually breaks down the finish that is found on most of today’s leather products.   Our unique, dual process cleaning method removes tough dirt & grime while replenishing natural oils that have been lost over time.  If you leather furniture is more than three years old and has never been properly cleaned and conditioned, DO NOT DELAY. It is OVERDUE!!

Mattress Cleaning/Sanitizing

It seems each year that we clean more and more mattresses. Years ago, the only time we got called to clean a mattress was if someone had an accident on it. That is quickly changing, however. Today people are learning and understanding the importance of maintaining a clean, SANITARY mattress. Did you know that you are not sleeping alone in bed? Studies have proven that mattresses contain millions of dust mites that feed on your dead skin cells that naturally shed themselves from your body. Oddly enough however, this is not what people are usually allergic to. Rather, most people who suffer from itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing etc. when they wake up in the morning are actually allergic to DUST MITE FEECES! Yes, don’t shoot the messenger, but I don’t care how clean you think you or your home is, you too, are sleeping in DUST MIGHT POOP! Utilizing cleaning technology and newer, all natural products, we can rid your mattress of all these critters, not to mention the perspiration residue, body oils etc. Then after your mattress is clean and “critter free” again, we can apply products that alter the dust mites (and their feces) so that your body doesn’t see them as a threat any longer. Once this occurs, your itchy eyes, runny nose etc. will become a thing of the past. You see, the truth of the matter is dust mites are here to stay. They are one of nature’s ways of helping to clean up. Since we cannot practically prevent them, we do the next best thing and that is coexist with them.