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We use the cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers and that is truck mounted, hot water extraction, commonly referred to as steam cleaning.  We bring our own soft water and specially formulated cleaning products to clean with. Here in Charlotte County especially, our water is very hard. Most other carpet cleaners hook up to and use you hard water to clean with. Hard water, mixed with detergents, tends to leave an abundance of sticky, soapy residue that actually attracts dirt faster to your newly cleaned carpet. Utilizing ONLY soft water, with proper, high quality cleaning detergents, guarantees that there is no residue on the carpet what so ever when we are finished cleaning.

Great question! Yes we are. Our company if certified by the IICRC (Institute of Cleaning, restoration Certification). The IICRC is not a club or group that you can just buy a membership into. Rather, you must take in depth, educational classes on varying aspects of the cleaning business to attain certification. After attending these classes, you must take and pass comprehensive, written exams. In addition, it is required that continuing education is maintained at regular intervals, to be kept abreast of changes in the industry.

Furthermore, in all of Charlotte County, we are the ONLY carpet cleaning company that has an IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner on staff. To reach this status, hundreds of hours of training, classes etc. were undergone. Additionally, thousands of dollars were spent  for all of that training. What does this mean for you? Simply this. We would not have made the above mentioned investments unless we were absolutely serious about providing our clients with the absolute BEST service available. Is carpet cleaning rocket science? No! But, when you have a big stain in the middle of you white carpet, or your guest spilled red wine on your brand new carpet or area rug, or sofa, carpet cleaning suddenly becomes number one on your priority list and you want someone who is the tops in their field to take care of it. That is what we offer.

As a small business owner repeat and referral clients are of great importance to me. So, every single job comes with my exclusive, iron-clad, “The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever. . .  Or It’s Free” guarantee. What does this mean to you? Simply this! If you are not pleased with any work that we perform for you, we’ll come back, free of charge, and re-do it. If for whatever reason you are still not completely satisfied, you’ll receive all your money back. Simply put, you hire our service without any risk. What could be more fair? You see, your complete and total satisfaction is of paramount importance to me. It really is that SIMPLE!

That depends! What type of carpet do you have? What fiber is the carpet made of? How soiled is the carpet? What are the sizes of the areas to be cleaned? These and many other factors all play a role in determining the cost to properly and safely clean your carpet. Rather than advertise a low, “one size fits all” price per room or price per house and mislead you as to the actual, real cost that you will wind up paying, this is what we instead choose to do. Free of charge, we will come to your home or office and inspect your carpet. At that time, we will address the previously mentioned items as well as discuss any special concerns that you might have with the carpet. Also, we will explain how to best clean your carpet and answer any questions that you may have. After all of that, we will then provide you with a written, exact price for the cost of the work to be performed. After more than two decades of being in business, we have found that this is by far, the fairest way to handle pricing. In this way, you as a consumer are never misled or given any false pretence as to what you will pay, only to be blindsided by up charges.

We are not in the business of selling cheap, brush the dirt off carpet cleaning. If that is what you are looking for than I invite you to call another company. For more than twenty years we have been offering the residents of Charlotte County professional, safe and thorough carpet cleaning. Simply put, to clean the BEST, you NEED the best. Everything from the equipment and detergents we use, to the training and certifications that we maintain all cost money. Additionally, we are insured and all of our employees are covered under our workers compensation policy. Sure, you can hire Joe carpet cleaner who shows up in a beat up old van, wearing a tank top and reeking like cigarettes and who took the eight hour carpet cleaning course at the local janitorial supply for less money. Or you can hire a professional and have the job done correctly. Like most other things in life, you will get what you pay for!

In about 99% of our residential jobs, we clean the areas that are often referred to as traffic areas. What we consider traffic areas to be is as follows. All of the open, exposed carpet, in addition to smaller moveable furniture such as night stands, recliners, chairs, tables etc. Clients usually don’t go through the trouble or expense of moving larger, stationary furniture such as dressers, amours, entertainment centers etc. These pieces seldom get moved so there is no heavy soil underneath them. Additionally, if you did get new furniture, or were to re arrange the room, there is often such a difference in color and texture under the furniture that no amount of cleaning is ever going to be able to make the areas match. After all, for “X” number of years that carpet under you large entertainment center for example, has never seen the light of day. You can’t expect to attempt to match your soiled, matted and worn down traffic area to that new looking carpet under the furniture. Any furniture that we move is carefully replaced and put back with protectors under the legs and feet as necessary, to keep wood and metal off the carpet until it has dried.

Our steam cleaning process is very different than most, in that we get NO moisture past the backing of the carpet. This means that the pad under your carpet NEVER comes in contact with ANY moisture, allowing the carpet to dry much faster than traditional steam cleaning. Drying time is affected by weather, how clean or dirty the carpet was to begin with, air flow and a variety of other factors. In general the carpet is dry within a few hours after us finishing. It is best to try to avoid walking on the carpet while it is damp, however, if the need arises, you can walk on the carpet with clean white socks or stocking feet. Just PLEASE USE CAUTION as you step from the carpet on to any hard floor, as it may by slippery with damp feet.

This can happen for a number of reasons. Technician error, cheap or improper cleaning detergents, improper rinsing of the carpet etc. can all be contributing factors to rapid re-soiling. I can tell you this however. If this situation sounds familiar to you, have us come out to take a look at your carpet. Once we see the carpet, we can often explain to you why this occurred and what can be done to correct it, while preventing it in the future.

Obviously different uses, living conditions, carpet fibers and styles etc. all require different cleaning intervals. That being said, most home owners should have their carpet cleaned every twelve to eighteen months. In fact, if you have newer carpet, you are required to clean the carpet with in this time frame or chance voiding any warranties on the carpet. Most home owners clean their carpet for aesthetics, in other words, they want it to look clean and bright. The main reason you clean a carpet, however, is to get out all of the dust, dirt, oil etc. that regular vacuuming can’t  remove from the carpet. Left untouched, all that soil and grit becomes very abrasive on carpet fibers and begins to cut, scratch and dull them. Once this occurs, it cannot be reversed and you are faced with looking at a matted down, worn carpet. You clean carpet to extend the life of it. The benefits of it looking pretty and helping to maintain a good, clean, healthy indoor air environment are all just a bonus.