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Drapery/Window Treatment Cleaning in Punta Gorda, FL


STOP!!! Don’t go through the hassle of taking down your curtains, valances, or silhouette window coverings. We can clean ANY type of fabric window treatment IN PLACE. Utilizing our specialized equipment, we can safely and thoroughly clean sheers, curtains, silhouettes, vertical blinds, valances, just to name few. You may be thinking “but my curtains are clean, after all they have been hanging here for ten years and no one has ever touched them…”

True, you don’t really handle curtains or other window treatments in general very often. HOWEVER, think of your window coverings as giant filters that clean the air in your home. All day long air passes over and through these fabrics. As it does so, the fabric traps smaller dust and pollen particles, oils that are in the air from cooking and/or smoking, etc. So yes, your window coverings may not look as visibly dirty as your carpet or furniture does, but rest assured, they are. With the overwhelming cost of new window coverings, it only makes sense to periodically freshen up your existing ones. Clean out that “filter.” Your window covering will look brighter, the color bolder and most importantly, they will be CLEAN from a sanitary point of view. In other words, clean window coverings means cleaner indoor air quality. Attention allergy sufferers!!! You, especially need to get you window treatments cleaned periodically. Think about the dust that would accumulate on your glass or wood top tables if you did not dust them in 3, 4, 5, 10 years. That same dust accumulates in and on you fabric window treatments.